27 April 2008


Pages to read: 100. Eliot's Middlemarch. Rosamond and Lydgate are engaged, blithely ignoring the financial realities they'll face. Fred has just discovered he'll inherit nothing, while the stranger Joshua Riggs inherits all. And Will Ladislaw has returned to Middlemarch, much to Dorothea and Mr. Causubon's (who I always think of as Mr. Causubon, not Edward) surprise.

To accomplish: Email potential committee members to make appointments. Rough out C list.

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a fan said...

I'm still lurking, waiting to see what you'll read next. Keep it up (but only if it helps); those of us who are in the middle of it, or who recently completed it, or who can't imagine what it's like to contemplate doing it, all are rooting for you.