21 May 2008


So I haven't posted in a while, and the excuse of having been out of town only covers for part of it. So here's an update of what I've accomplished in the last few weeks:
  • Appointments with two professors, one of whom I'm quite hopeful about working with.
  • Finished reading Middlemarch, which really should merit a party. It was wonderful, by the way.
  • Read Gaskell's Cranford and discussed it with my women's reading groups.
  • Roughed out my C list, which was a bit of a beast.
  • Emailed all four professors I hope to work with to make appointments to discuss C list (sent them copies of all three lists).
  • Made an appointment to meet with one of my professors this Friday, May 23.
  • Set up RefWorks folders to track my research.
  • Kept decent hours (although there are never enough hours to do all the work).
I feel pretty good about those accomplishments. My new goal: read more regularly.


your fan said...

Yay for you. I am starting a big project too (in the humanities also), and your blog inspired me to start one (with myself as the only reader) to organize my strategy and to have a place to dump all my puzzling questions and frustrations. I am taking some time this week to learn zotero, because I figure if I get a clue about it before I start writing it will save me a lot of headache later. If you have access to RefWorks that is great, but I'm not with an institution that supports it, so I'm going with zotero which seems to be more portable and is open-source. Any system has a learning curve, though, and that takes time out from reading and research. Keep plugging along, I like to follow your progress.

amelia said...

Thanks for this reference to Zotero. It reminded me that a good friend, who's also in grad school here, had also recommended it. And after checking it out, I downloaded it and started using it. Incredible. I'm still figuring out how powerful it is and what all I can do with it, but it's already made my research more efficient.